Grimposium is an international touring festival and conference which brings together musicians, visual artists, journalists, writers and record label executives in underground music and cultural scenes including extreme metal, electronica, dance and hip-hop.

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Landscape of Hate in the Norwegian Media

The Bergen Landscape of Hate performance was covered in the Norwegian media here:

Vårt Land “Støykunst mellom hat og håp” (Strong art between hatred and hope) by Camilla Helen Heiervang, May 28, 2018

Vårt Land “Hatets mangfold” (Diversity of hate) by Sara J. Høgestøl , May 29, 2018

Highly Commended Article

An article on the Norwegian black metal scene by Jason Wallin, Jeff Podoshen, and Vivek Venkatesh was selected by the editorial team as Highly Commended in the 2018 Emerald Global Literati Awards:​​

(Photo credit: David Hall)