Grimposium is an international touring festival and conference which brings together musicians, visual artists, journalists, writers and record label executives in underground music and cultural scenes including extreme metal, electronica, dance and hip-hop.

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#paysagedelahaine à Québec


Grimposium présente son nouveau festival nordiQC avec Enslaved, Bardspec et plus! Détails ici (Grimposium) et ici (Facebook). Billets en vente le 26 juin sur

Grimposium presents its new festival nordiQC featuring Enslaved, Bardspec and more! Details here and Facebook event here.  Tickets on sale June 26 at

**The Blekkmetal Film ** European Premiere – Norwegian Premiere

Grimposium, Uneasy Sleeper and the Blekkmetal festival organisers present:
**The Blekkmetal Film** – European Premiere – Norwegian Premiere  preceded by exclusive screening of portions of upcoming biopic **Enslaved 25: The Early Years**

TWO screenings on August 26, 2017. Facebook event here.
Georgernes Verft 12, 5011,
Bergen, Norway

1st screening begins at 12h30. 2nd screening begins at 15h40
— Limited seating! Arrive early! — 20Kr entrance fee — cash only please —
Canadian filmmaking team Vivek Venkatesh, David Hall and Owen Chapman in attendance.

Schedule subject to minor modifications:
12h30 doors
12h45 Enslaved 25: The Early Years mini-documentary
13h20 Blekkmetal
15h10 Panel with filmmakers
15h40 Enslaved 25: The Early Years
16h15 Blekkmetal
18h05 Panel with filmmakers
18h30 close


“I want to turn hate on it’s head” 

Vivek Venkatesh spoke with Jesse Coady on April 24th about the Someone/Grimposium event “Landscapes of Hate”. Landscapes of Hate  (or Paysage de la haine) will be help as part of this year’s Acfas conference.

Read more from Concordia University News here.


Blekkmetal documentary gets second US screening at Cinedelphia

Decibel reports on the second US screening of Blekkmetal here


Review of the Blekkmetal film

Read Andy Elijah’s Cindelphia  2017 review of Blekkmetal here


SSHRC (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council)  brings research in music to Acfas (Association francophone pour le savoir) congress 2017

Vivek Venkatesh, an associate professor of education at Concordia University and creator of the SSHRC-funded festival Grimposium, will host a creative concert that will explore the themes of hate and discrimination. This will be followed by a discussion on how to build resilience against online hate speech. The event will take place at Katacombes on May 9 at 7:00 p.m. in the city’s theatre district. For more information click here.


Le CRSH (Conseil de recherches en sciences humaines) braquera les projecteurs sur la recherche en musique au Congrès 2017 de l’Acfas  (Association francophone pour le savoir)

Vivek Venkatesh, professeur agrégé en sciences de l’éducation à l’Université Concordia et créateur du festival Grimposium que finance le CRSH, animera un concert créatif ayant pour thèmes la haine et la discrimination. Ce concert sera suivi d’une discussion sur la manière d’accroître la résilience face aux discours haineux en ligne. L’activité aura lieu le 9 mai à 19 h, à la salle Les Katacombes dans le Quartier des spectacles. Pour plus d’informations, cliquez ici.


From shock to doc: Norwegian black metal on the big screen

On Thursday 30th November, Jason Wallin was interviewed by Kateryna Barnes at the University of Alberta about the Blekkmetal documentary. Read the story here.


Pussy Riot talks punk rock, prison and Pokemon. November, 2016

Concordia professor Vivek Venkatesh interviews Russia’s human rights rebels.  Read more here.