Grimposium is an international touring festival and conference which brings together musicians, visual artists, journalists, writers and record label executives in underground music and cultural scenes including extreme metal, electronica, dance and hip-hop.

Upcoming Events

Grimposium and Uneasy Sleeper present Enslaved 25: The Early Years – April 14, 2019

An exclusive screening of the upcoming documentary about the Norwegian progressive metal legends Enslaved will be held in collaboration with the Decibel Metal and Beer Fest at The Foundry @ The Fillmore, Philadelphia on Sunday April 14 (Free but limited to 75 places). RSVP for your free ticket here.

Doors 11am. Film screening 1130am – 1230pm. Q&A 1230pm – 100pm

For more information see here. Facebook event here.

Past Events

You can view our past events here: 20192018, 2017, 2016, 2015 and 2014.


Landscape of Hope Montreal performance

Check out this short video of the Canadian premiere of Landscape of Hope which was held in Montreal on February 20, 2019. To read more about this Landscape of Hope performance and workshop, see here.

Landscape of Hate explainer video

Hear Vivek Venkatesh and Owen Chapman explain the concepts behind Landscape of Hate.

Deciphering Norms of Media Consumption in Extreme Metal – a podcast series

This new four-episode podcast series brings thought-provoking, contemporary topics to the table. Be it reappropriating Runes, warning against the perils of media censorship, distinguishing between provocative art and hateful discourse, and giving voice to the experiences of women in the music industry, no topic proves too challenging for Vivek Venkatesh and his co-host, Michelle Ayoub. Produced by Aaron Lakoff and Kathryn Urbaniak, each episode runs at about 30 minutes long and also has original music by Leticia Trandafir.

The first episode is titled Propositions for Cultural Reappropriation and features Jannicke Wiese-Hansen, Kirsti Rosseland, Ivar Peersen (Enslaved) and Kjetil Grutle (Enslaved).

Next is Balancing Free Speech, Critical Thinking and Media Literacy featuring J.R. Hayes (Pig Destroyer), Richard Johnson (Agoraphobic Nosebleed) and Ihsahn (Emperor).

Then there is Social Media: The Good, the Bad and the Unforgivable featuring Neill Jameson (Krieg), Jason Rockman (Slaves on Dope), Ihsahn (Emperor), Richard Johnson (Agoraphobic Nosebleed) and Sean McGuinness (Pissed Jeans).

And finally, Women in Metal: Underdogs or Equals? featuring Kirsti Rosseland, Jannicke Wiese-Hansen and Ivar Peersen (Enslaved).

Landscape of Hate in the Norwegian Media

The Bergen Landscape of Hate performance was covered in the Norwegian media here:

Vårt Land “Støykunst mellom hat og håp” (Strong art between hatred and hope) by Camilla Helen Heiervang, May 28, 2018

Vårt Land “Hatets mangfold” (Diversity of hate) by Sara J. Høgestøl , May 29, 2018

The following videos of the Landscape of Hate panel and performance were produced by Festspillene i Bergen.

Highly Commended Article

An article on the Norwegian black metal scene by Jason Wallin, Jeff Podoshen, and Vivek Venkatesh was selected by the editorial team as Highly Commended in the 2018 Emerald Global Literati Awards:​​

(Photo credit: David Hall)